4 Best Marvel Characters for BJJ

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Jul 31, 2014 12:18:00 PM



Spider-Man (lightweight)


Who could not add him to this list? Marvel’s lightweight BJJ champion right here for sure. Spider-man, aka Peter Parker, received a bite from a radioactive spider - passing him it’s abilities. Similarly to Beast, he has the perfect balance of skills. He is easily one of the most agile characters in Marvel. He is light and quick. I can see him being one step ahead of his opponents and flowing with every movement. Although his strength is impressive, I wouldn’t see him having a very strong pressure game since his speed would be a stronger card for him to use.


Mr. Fantastic (middleweight)


Yet another case of an experiment gone wrong with another genius – Marvel seems to be full of them. Mr. Fantastic is the leader of the Fantastic Four, Marvel’s third coolest superhero group after the X-Men and the Avengers. His ability? He is basically a piece of rubber. He is able to stretch and condense to the extreme as well as neutralize electricity. That easily makes him the most flexible character in the Marvel universe. His limbs can’t be broken, nor can he really be choked. He can coil himself around anyone or anything like an “anaconda” to squeeze out his submissions. I can see that becoming his jiu-jitsu nickname. The only extreme situation where I can see him losing is against someone like the Hulk who, using his superior strength, could stretch Mr. Fantastic to his limit, possibly ripping him eventually, just like when you pull a rubber band too much.


Beast (heavyweight)


Beast is a member of the X-Men. Once having a human form, his mutation pushed him into permanently being a blue and shaggy beat-like creature. His powers in combination with his superior intelligence make him one of the most suitable BJJ Marvel fighters. He also has a great balance of strength, size and agility. He is able to grip with his feet like a monkey and I can see him baseball choking all his opponents into submission. His only major weakness would be his short and stubby legs, which would possibly make it difficult to triangle opponents of his own size.


The Hulk (superheavyweight)


The Hulk is an unfortunate case of another scientist who was exposed to something called ‘Gamma Radiation’ that caused him to periodically change into a green titan when he gets mad – although in time he learned to control himself and his transformation.


The first thing that probably comes to your mind is “BJJ? He should go straight to MMA with that ground and pound”, however, this Marvel superheavyweight would be more than suitable for BJJ as well – who would break his grips? The Beast? Nope. The Thing? Nope. Once the Hulk catches you, you will tap – that’s if you have a chance.


Also, how on earth would you submit something so strong even if you did catch him? Good luck arm-barring him, he will bicep curl your body. Good luck leg-locking him, he’ll leg curl you. That pretty much goes for every other submission you can think of including the effective and sensitive wrist-locks and heel-hooks. He would easily be the absolute BJJ champion of the Marvel world. However, don’t expect him strapping on a triangle with those short and thick legs – not that he really needs to use it.


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