ADCC 2015 Brazil Aftermath

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Considered to be the most prestigious no-gi grappling tournament ever, Brazil hosted this Abu Dhabi Combat Club for the second time. The first ADCC Brazil was especially memorable for many because of the revelation of Marcelo Garcia, Eddie Bravo, Leo Vieira and many more. 

In the women’s division, we have Mackenzie Dern continuing her dominance this year with another win over her rival, Michelle Nicolini. The matches are always close, but she was able to scrape out the win because Nicolini had a penalty, similar to the situation with Gabi Garcia back at the World Pro earlier this year. In the heavier women’s division, Ana Laura Cordeiro took home the gold. 

In the men’s categories, starting with the heaviest division, Orlando Sanchez stepped up and took the gold against Jared Dopp. This division was really wide open with no real favorites, except for perhaps Vinny Magalhaes (another ADCC veteran). 

In a very stacked 99 kg division, Rodolfo Vieira was able to scrape out a win by judges decision over fellow Copa Podio champion, Felipe Pena. Both finalists had to win over the likes of Xande Ribeiro, Joao Assis, and Hector Lombard. 

In the 88 kg division, we had the two favorites come out on top in the finals, with Yuri Simoes claiming gold. He beat the ever-so-dangerous Keenan Cornelius with a strong 3-0 points victory. Other grapplers to note here were Romulo Barral and bronze medalist, Rustam Chsiev. 

The 77 kg division featured one of the best submissions you will ever see, especially in a finalist match. Davi Ramos had been off the jiu-jitsu grid for quite some time. He had diverted his attention more towards MMA, and as a result, no one really thought he would have the ability to stay at the pinnacle of the sport. But in the same tournament, not only did he submit Gilbert Burns with a rear naked choke, he also caught Lucas Lepri with a flying armbar! He jumped over Lucas’ guard and straight into a super tight armbar, giving him the instant tap. To pull off something like that at this high a level is astonishing. It will run in grappling highlight reels for a long time. 

The 66 kg division didn’t see any surprises. Rubens ‘Cobrinha’ Charles took home the gold with wins over other favorites Bruno Frazatto and Augusto Mendes. Cobrinha doesn’t cease to amaze as he gets older - he doesn’t seem to slow down at all. 

The coveted absolute title this year went to a smaller than usual champion. Claudio Calasans was able to earn one of the most prestigious titles in grappling with a win over Gabriel Rocha. The division showcased other talents from the rest of the tournament, like Rodolfo Vieira, Rafael Lovato Jr, Vinny Maghalaes, Yuri Simoes, and others. 





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