10 BJJ Personalities To Follow On Instagram

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Jan 28, 2014 1:38:00 PM


Following your favorite BJJ athletes and brands is a great way of not only staying motivated to train hard, but also to pick up a lot of cool training and lifestyle tips straight from the guys who know it best.

This is a list compiled based on the reputation and popularity of the athlete but also how often they post Instagram and the quality of the content.

1. JT Torres @ JTORRES197

JT Torres is one of the top American BJJ competitors and currently trains with Atos jiu-jitsu in San Diego. He is only twenty-four years old and has already been making serious dents in the BJJ scene.

2. Renato Laranja @ RENATO_LARANJA

Renato Laranja is BJJ’s comedy persona. He calls himself the “27-time mundial champion” and has a great sense of humor. He is definitely worth following to have a bunch of laughs.


BJ Penn needs no introduction. But for those of you who are new to BJJ, in addition to being an MMA legend, BJ Penn is the first American to win the BJJ world championships at black belt, when they were still held in Brazil under the Nova Uniao banner.

4. Rodolfo Vieira @ RODOLFOVIEIRAJJ

Rodolfo Vieira is the former absolute world champion of the world and is a multiple-time world champion at heavyweight. He is great to follow because not only are his travels inspiring, but you will see how hard he really trains both on the mats and in the gym.

5. Clark Gracie @ CLARKGRACIE

Clark Gracie is easily one of the most popular pure BJJ athletes today. He recently opened a new gym in San Diego and lives an exciting life. It’s fun to see what he is up to and hopefully it can inspire you to do a training trip to Cali if you haven’t already!

6. Tanquinho @ TANQUINHOJJ

Tanquinho is a featherweight world champion and one of the most humble guys in the game. Not much spotlight is placed on this athlete but he lives a very fun life revolving around jiu-jitsu. Check him out!

7. Ary Farias @ ARYFARIASBJJ

Ary Farias is not only one of the top BJJ competitors, but he is also one of the most physically gifted athletes you can find. He is currently preparing for an MMA career so you will get a mixture of content on his Instagram account.

8. Lucas Lepri @ LUCASLEPRI

Lucas Lepri is a long time BJJ competitor and is part of the Alliance team. Like all top BJJ competitors, he travels around the world teaching and keeps his travels documented.

9. Rener Gracie @ RENERGRACIE

Rener and his brother Ryron have their school in Torrance, California, which houses a lot of celebrity practitioners from time to time. In addition to that they have plenty of other fun things to share.

10. Kyra Gracie @ KYRAGRACIE

Kyra Gracie has been BJJ’s lead woman for many years now and in addition to doing BJJ, she is involved with many projects and works for Sport TV in Brazil for UFC event coverage.

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