10 Signs that you are a BJJ Geek – Part 1

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Oct 25, 2013 2:13:00 PM

BJJ Geek

This list is made to give you a sense of how much of a BJJ geek you really are. Not all of these points will necessarily apply to you, but the more that do, the geekier you are. So how much of a BJJ geek are you?

1. You travel to places only if you can train at an available gym.

You hate missing training time, so when you travel, if there isn’t a gym where you can get in training time, you basically don’t care to really go. The attractions of the place you are going to just don’t seem as appealing without having trained at a local gym. For you, that’s the real taste of travel.

2. Your social interaction ability diminishes because the only thing you can really talk about is BJJ.

You know you’ve really hit BJJ geekdom when you go out with friends, or on a date, and the only subject you can really talk about, or want to talk about, is BJJ or anything related to it, like fitness and nutrition. If you are with non-practitioners, there is a limit to how much you can talk about the subject until you are officially deemed as boring.

3. 90% of your wardrobe is full of BJJ tees and hoodies that you don’t mind wearing when you go out. Your sense of style has become limited.

Have you received complaints from your girlfriends or comments from your friends that you wear too many BJJ t-shirts? Well, in that case you’re a pretty big BJJ geek. Just because it’s a really nice BJJ tee doesn’t necessarily mean you can go out to dinners or clubs with it. It’s good to be proud of your interests and passions, but again, there is a limit.

4. You spend way too much time on forums finding witty replies for “trolls”.

Forums are a great place to enjoy some really in-depth conversations about topics you usually wouldn't discuss anywhere else. A “troll” is someone who doesn’t take the subject of the thread very seriously and they end up posting annoying comments. These comments can be especially irritating for the BJJ geeks who take the threads seriously and end up getting into arguments with the trolls – something that can end up being very time consuming.

5. You have a collection of gis that you never use for rolling.

This is one of the biggest BJJ geek signs. The value of a gi has drastically changed in the past few years. Gis are no longer viewed as just gear, but there is also a fashion aspect that has developed, especially in North America and Japan. People collect them for their aesthetic value and for a level of exclusivity – especially when they are limited edition. There are photos floating on the internet of people’s closets, full of many different gi brands, and most of the time, they don’t even use any of them to actually roll! This level of “geekiness” can also be applied to apparel – like BJJ t-shirts.

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