10 Signs That You are a BJJ Geek – Part 2

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Nov 14, 2013 2:49:00 PM

BJJ Geek Part 2

6. You spend most of your time watching hours of BJJ footage – especially right before a training session.

There is something to be said about someone who spends all their free time watching BJJ videos. There is nothing wrong with it, that’s not the point here. But you are definitely a BJJ geek if your habit becomes very one-dimensional. If your daily routine is running home after work and jumping on the computer to watch BJJ videos or lounging on your couch with a BJJ magazine in your hands, you’re a BJJ geek.

7. You only date people that train BJJ because you find that to be one of the most attractive traits.

Are you noticing that the only people that really leave a romantic impression are ones that step on the mat to roll? Do you feel like you need to be surrounded by a partner that understands your love for the sport? Well, that’s an amazing thing, but it definitely adds to your BJJ ‘geekdom’ if this is something you seek. Although, being in a relationship with someone that shares your passion is always a major plus.

8. You know athlete and competition statistics off the top of your head.

Would you say you’re a wiz at knowing when every champion won their title and how they did it? Then it’s easy to say that you’re a BJJ geek. The jiu-jitsu world has plenty of different tournaments and events that put on very interesting matches and pit some of the best grapplers against each other. This means that it keeps things interesting for the geeks to stay up to date with each athlete’s win, especially at black belt. The more hardcore geeks keep a close eye on the up and comers in the blue, purple and brown belt divisions.

9. You own a collection of BJJ DVDs that you don’t actually watch because you get similar stuff off youtube.

The biggest BJJ geeks love to collect BJJ DVDs, like instructionals, documentaries and tournaments even though they probably won’t really watch those videos more than once. Most of their time will be spent watching videos on youtube and other BJJ sites. DVD collectors like to feel that they have a compendium of knowledge within their grasp and at any time they could reach into it and find the information they need. It can be very useful and also very geeky.

10. Even though you don’t compete, you like to stitch up your gi with as many patches as possible to feel like a world-class competitor at the academy.

Actually, you don’t have to do it just to feel like a professional, you can stitch up your gi with pretty much anything you like. Outside of BJJ academy and brand patches, people have used comic book patches and soccer patches to cover their gis. But, the truth is, the more patches you put on your gi, the higher your BJJ geek rate. There really isn’t anything wrong with patching up your gi, it’s fun and it’s good to represent the things you like on your gi – it’s like having tattoos.

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