Caio Terra Walks us through an Arm Drag from Butterfly Guard

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Jun 4, 2013 1:41:00 PM

This Gameness instructional video starts with Caio Terra in the Butterfly Guard position, and his training partner attempting to grab his pants and pass his guard. Caio uses this position to reverse his opponent with an Arm Drag and take his back.

Caio is wearing his white Gameness Elite Gi in this instructional video, and his training partner is wearing a limited edition white Gameness XT Gi. Both gis are available at:

Step 1:

This technique begins when you are preventing your opponent from passing with your butterfly guard. In this position, your opponent will attempt to grab and control your pants so that he/she can pin your leg and pass more easily. Defend against this grip by controlling your opponent’s hands with your own hands.

Step 2:

Your opponent may break your grip on his/her wrist and move closer to you to attempt to again grab your pants. While maintaining control on one of your opponent’s wrists, place your opposite foot on his/her leg. Be sure to place your foot on the inside of your opponent’s leg as opposed to the front.

Step 3:

With one of your opponent’s wrists under your control and your foot placed onto your opponent’s inner leg, reach across with your other arm to grab your opponent right above his/her elbow. Your upper hand should be tightly gripping your opponent’s tricep, and your lower hand should be bringing his/her hand to the far side of your body.

Step 4:

Pull your opponent’s arm to yourself while simultaneously kicking out straight with the leg on your opponent’s knee. This will stretch your opponent out and lower him/her to the mat. Bump your hips away from your opponent also, in order to get farther to the side where you will be taking the back.

Step 5:

Plant your free leg down onto the mat while leaving your other leg in as a “hook”. Bump your hips again to lower your body down closer to your opponent’s hips and achieve a greater angle on him/her.

Step 6:

Reach across your opponent and grab him/her by the lat/armpit area. Use this grip to pull yourself up and over your opponent until you can get into a secure position to take his/her back.

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