4 Best Suited BJJ Fighters for MMA

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Jun 13, 2013 9:23:00 AM


This is a list of current BJJ fighters who have not yet had any professional fights in MMA. So this eliminates guys like Xande Ribeiro, Roger Gracie, Jacare, Marcelo Garcia, Andre Galvao and many others. Below are the four guys that would be best suited for mixed martial arts. The main criteria used to compile this small list; athleticism, strength, build and interest that they may have already show in the past to compete. One more important piece of criteria is to consider how their grappling styles will convert to nogi in MMA. BJJ is moving into a direction where the techniques are becoming more complex, fancy and less practical for an actual fight. Imagine someone trying a berimbolo in the UFC, they would get KO’d before they would even have a chance to invert. So let’s see who of the bunch can make it happen in MMA.

Rodolfo Vieira

Rodolfo has shown the world that he is easily one of the most naturally gifted athletes in all of BJJ. Ironically enough, he started jiu-jitsu because he was overweight as a child. But now, jiu-jitsu has taken him to the other side of the spectrum. Very few people can train at the intensity and amount that he does, so picking up the extra skills to compete in MMA will not be particularly difficult for this GF Team elite. He has already started training some light boxing to keep MMA as an option for the future.

Marcus Almeida ‘Buchecha’

What makes Buchecha unique is his ability to be so agile at such a heavy weight. Buchecha competes in the ultra heavyweight division, the heaviest division available in the IBJJF. If he were to fight MMA, he would have to cut a little weight, but there is no doubt that he would be one of the biggest, fittest and fastest heavyweights around. These physical attributes, along with his athleticism, will easily help him adapt and do very well.

Bruno Malfacine

Although Bruno is in the lighter category, he has displayed a level of technique and athleticism that would translate well into the lighter categories in MMA. For his size, Malfacine is both unbelievably strong, compact and agile – all traits that will be useful for wrestling and striking. Although most of the Alliance athletes do not continue into MMA, hopefully Bruno can follow in the steps of his teammate Sergio Moraes and gives it a chance.

Claudio Calasans

The Atos team is growing to be one of the more popular BJJ teams, not only for their accomplishments in competition, but also for their assistance to MMA athletes. Ramon Lemos coaches Anderson Silva, and Durinho coaches Vitor Belfort. Additionally, Andre Galvao has had his few fights in MMA, as well as Bruno Frazatto that is now preparing more aggressively for his future fights. Claudio Calasans is someone on the team that really should look into MMA. He is very powerful for his size and has demonstrated the athletic ability required to successfully adapt to MMA.

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