4 Matches We’d Like to See in Metamoris

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Jul 11, 2013 11:59:00 AM


BJ Penn vs Marcelo Garcia (gi)

This is a dream match that people have been talking about for quite some time and it’s not a bad time in either careers of these athletes to make it happen. BJ has had his run in the UFC already, conquering two different weight class titles and a BJJ world championship under his belt at an early age. There really isn’t much more for him to accomplish, except to test his beloved BJJ skills against the best. Marcelo is another athlete who has already accomplished everything he needs multiple times in both gi and nogi. Since Metamoris has the money, they can pull out these two legends from their homes and make them test their skills again.

The reason this match should be in gi is mainly because it would be more interesting to see what BJ could do at a gi again. We’ve seen him do no-gi grappling in his MMA fights, so it would probably be more interesting for the fans to see a gi match and keep it more hardcore BJJ.

Georges St. Pierre vs Leo Santos (gi)

This is a rematch that goes back to ADCC 2005. Georges was only a purple belt and Leo was already a multiple world cup champion in Brazil. The match ended in a quick armbar submission by Leo and “GSP” got sent home quite upset. Now, both fighters have further matured, with St. Pierre being the UFC champion and Leo recently winning the TUF 2 Brazil title. St. Pierre has also greatly improved his grappling skills and has obtained his black belt from his long time teacher, Bruno Fernandes.

This match already has the name power and Metamoris has the cash to make this happen. I’m sure GSP would want the rematch and Leo doesn’t really turn down fights, especially if it’s BJJ related. This match should be in gi because everyone is so used to seeing these guys without one, that it would be interesting to see what they could do.

Demian Maia vs Andre Galvao (no-gi)

There has been some debate in the past about who is the better submission grappler of these two guys. Both athletes have already proven that they are pound-for-pound some of the best grapplers in the world, with Galvao having the better resume. However, in the MMA world, Maia has been the one who has most successfully adapted his BJJ. A no-gi match between these two would be a delight to watch for all fans. They have never faced each other so this would be interesting for them as well as the fans.

Ronaldo Jacare vs Romulo Barral (no-gi)

Here we have a match containing probably two of the most athletic guys in BJJ history. Ronaldo Jacare is a household name when it comes to BJJ and we have seen him take on some no-gi challenges like competing in the ADCC and facing Randy Couture in a super fight. However, the 2009 world no-gi champion, Romulo Barral, would be his greatest grappling challenge to date. Romulo has proven himself lately as the best of the best. Just this year, he closed out his division with his teammate Braulio Estima at the IBJJF world championship. Both athletes are at their physical peak and we could only expect fireworks from a match like this!

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