5 Reasons Why Girls Should Date Guys That Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Aug 15, 2013 11:08:00 AM

Jiu Jitsu Couple

This is a thought that has come up at least once for any guy that trains jiu-jitsu. In this entry we’re going to just discuss why girls should date BJJ guys, and there will be another entry discussing the opposite combo. Of course, these are generalizations but either way, hopefully, most women in doubt will find this list quite compelling and convincing – so here it goes.

1. We’re always trying to be fit as possible.

Unlike various other sports, BJJ culture has incorporated a lot of cross training, just like in MMA. So although many of us are already getting in shape from training alone, a lot of us feel the need to do some supplementary training to compliment our jiu-jitsu. It could be doing other sports, jogging or weight lifting. Whatever it may be, rest assured that most of us are always trying to better our athletic abilities via bonus training and watching our diets.

2. We have strong motivation to be as healthy as possible.

Sometimes people have a hard time finding the will power to eat the right things and avoid the bad stuff. I often hear from people who don’t train “well if I had someone to help motivate me then I’d make more of an effort”. Well ladies, be rest assured that a serious jiu-jitsu guy will definitely help you out. Just by being together, you will have the option to submerge in to the BJJ lifestyle that everyone in our community talks so much about. It definitely has that long-term benefit.

3. We’ve got the best hip movement.

Sure, girls admire salsa dancers for their hip movement and find it to be attractive, but these girls haven’t seen shrimping. Yes, to the untrained eye, shrimping is no salsa dance, but let’s face it, it’s a lot more practical than dancing and it’s a larger movement. So let’s just say the ladies can find our hip training…useful.

4. We’re tougher than your average Joe.

In the animal kingdom, alpha males get the girls right? Well, look no further, because jiu-jitsu guys are the real alpha males in your city. Most jiu-jitsu guys are confident and low key. We don’t have to display our dominance or act tough – usually those are the guys trying to compensate for something - but if it comes down to it, we’ll be able to defend our women. We’ve got nothing to prove because we’re tested on the mats after many long training sessions.

5. We’re more confident than the rest.

Being tougher than the average Joe is not the only reason we are confident. A lot of guys who have experience in BJJ can admit that a lot of the trials that one overcomes on the mats can be adapted to every day life. That includes things like the work ethic we develop and how humble we become when we start the martial art. Like everyone says, girls are attracted to confidence, so it will be visible on jiu-jitsu guys.

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