5 Reasons Why Guys Should Date Jiu-Jitsu Girls

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Sep 11, 2013 11:28:00 AM

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Women in BJJ never get their fair share of attention, and that’s just too bad because they deserve it just as much as any of the men. They are to be respected for many reasons, but today I will just list a few why guys should think about finding themselves one of our lovely jiu-jitsu ladies.

1. Some of the most confident women around.

Unfortunately, the majority of women find jiu-jitsu to be gross and have serious problems with all the close contact. Jiu-jitsu girls, they just don’t care. They have the confidence to just get rough and fight - you have to respect that. Jiu-jitsu is one of the most physically intense sports in the world and these are women that are up for the challenge. And although they may be intimidated by training with men (depending on the availability of women-only classes), they do it anyway and leave with a stronger character.

2. Jiu-jitsu girls know they have the knowledge to kick some butt and most people will never know.

Jiu-jitsu guys always have some sort of sign showing that they train; cauliflower ear, crooked fingers or just being strongly built. With most jiu-jitsu women, it’s a little more discrete, so you get these lovely “wolves in sheep’s clothing” when it comes to defending oneself. If anyone messes with them, they are going to be in for a big surprise. And what guy wouldn’t want a girlfriend that can handle herself?

3. They are down-to-earth.

Just like anyone who trains jiu-jitsu, and as you gain confidence in your skills, you become a more mellow and relaxed person. In a world where many men complain about how “crazy” their girlfriends can be, jiu-jitsu girls can be a fresh breath of air. It’s visible in their attitude – they know how to have a good time and relax. Those are two qualities where it’s difficult to find a balance. Most guys that train BJJ can attest to that about their female peers.

4. They are fit.

It’s the most obvious, yet awesome, perk that you get when you date a jiu-jitsu girl. Everyone can appreciate a fit woman, and there is no better sport to shed the fat than jiu-jitsu. The longer you train BJJ, the deeper your interest in fitness and nutrition develops. So if the fitness level of a woman is important to you, it will be a default with a jiu-jitsu girl. And how knows, if you need to shed the extra pounds yourself, she can help you get there.

5. You’ve got someone to share your interest in BJJ and MMA.

Jiu-jitsu girls are a great match for both guys who do and do not train jiu-jitsu, however, if you do train, you can now spoil yourself with having a girlfriend that can be just as geeky with BJJ as you. The amount of activities you can do together is huge; supporting each other at tournaments (where your girlfriend will actually give you technical advice), knowing exactly what gifts to get each other (BJJ related of course) and many others.

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