Caio Terra Instructing an Alternative Finish in a Triangle Position

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Apr 29, 2013 4:22:00 PM

Caio Terra uses this Gameness Instructional Video to demonstrate a method of finishing an opponent while in the triangle position, but when your opponent is defending the choke. The attack is a shoulder lock that will allow you to complete a submission without giving up your advantageous, triangle position.

The gi that Caio Terra is wearing in this video is the White Gameness Elite gi, and it is the same gi that Caio prefers to wear in his competitions. His training partner is wearing a White Gameness Limited Edition XT gi.

Step 1

This technique starts when you have your opponent locked down with a triangle. In this position, you want to ensure that you keep his/her posture down and not allow them to straighten their back to escape. You can do this by holding your own leg to maintain the position.

Step 2

Though you have your opponent in a triangle, many times you find that they have their hands clasped under your leg, preventing the choke from being completed, and protecting the arm from a kimura. Instead of going for the standard triangle choke, grab your legs with your arms and reverse your legs so that your opposite leg is across his/her back.

Step 3

Lock down the figure-four as tight as you can while attempting to create enough space between your opponent’s arm and your body for the submission. You can do this by bridging your hips up and firmly grabbing your opponent’s wrist with a thumb-in grip.

Step 4

Now that you have the wrist secured and your hips off the mat, move your body to the side, and create an angle closer to your elbow on the attacking side. As you fall, space will be created and your opponent’s defensive grip may be broken. If the grip is not broken yet, move further to the side.

Step 5

Eventually, you will have enough room and space to lock your grips into a frame around your opponent’s arm. Stretch your leg across his/her back, and pull the elbow to you. You will now be in the kimura position and ready to finish the submission.

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