8 Most Popular BJJ Moves

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Jan 16, 2014 10:40:00 AM

Most Popular BJJ Moves

The following list is in no particular order and is based on what you will see often in the big tournaments like the IBJJF and ADCC. This is a mixture sweeps, submissions and guard types – all of which we refer to as “BJJ moves”.

1. Armbar from guard

This particular armbar is one of the most classic submissions that is taught to beginners and is very useful in a self-defense scenario, especially for anti-rape for women. It was more popularized by Royce Gracie during his UFC debut when most people thought that fighting off one's back was the worst possible situation.

2. Berimbolo

Probably the single most popular technique in jiu-jitsu today due to the inversion one must do to instantly take someone's back. The bizarre look of the technique is also part of the appeal and many jiu-jitsu athletes pride themselves on pulling it off successfully. The berimbolo was popularized by the Mendes Brothers and the Miyao Brothers. If you want to be the best at it, it seems you need a brother to practice with!

3. Toreando Pass

One of the most common passes against an open guard. It requires good timing as well as speed to manoeuver around someone's legs. Rodolfo Vieira is one example of an athlete that uses this technique to pass many high level athletes' guards. When successful it looks like it was done with ease.

4. Rear Naked Choke

Another very popular technique used in MMA and submission grappling. It is seen as one of the most dominating submissions since it occurs from someone's back, a very one-sided position. Usually the best jiu-jitsu practitioners are able to steal someone's back and finish with this classic choke.

5. Bow and Arrow Choke

If the rear naked choke (RNC) is the most popular attack from the back in no-gi, then the bow and arrow choke is the most popular attack from the back with a gi. The leverage that one can produce makes this choke extremely efficient. Many fights are finished with this dangerous choke and some popular athletes that love to use this are the Miyao Brothers who manage to take the back of their opponents very often because of their aggressive berimbolo attacks.

6. Triangle from guard

This is another basic technique that is taught at the very early levels of jiu-jitsu. Although it does get much harder to cinch this technique later at the higher levels, it's still something that practitioners hunt for whether they want the actual triangle or use it as a setup for something else.

7. De La Riva Guard

Just as the name suggests, the De La Riva guard (aka the DLR, and popularized by Ricardo De La Riva, originally from Carlson Gracie's school) is one of today's most popular guards and is used often by blue belt level and higher. The DLR has also been used to lead into another very popular move, the Berimbolo.

8. Closed Guard

The most essential guard in all of jiu-jitsu. It can be used at any level and both gi and no-gi. Braulio Estima has been successful in using an effective closed guard at the highest level of competition. It is also a great guard for MMA if used properly to minimize any striking damage.

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