Osvaldo Augusto Queixinho Teaches a Sweep from Guard

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Jul 9, 2013 2:42:00 PM

A Scissor Sweep is a reversal from your guard that will land you in a mount position on your opponent. Osvaldo Augusto Queixinho uses this Gameness Instructional Video to demonstrate his method of completing the sweep on his training partner.

Osvaldo wears his blue Gameness AIR gi during this technique demonstration, and his training partner is wearing his white Gameness Pearl gi.

Step 1:

Starting with a closed guard around your opponent, the sweep begins when you gain control of both of his/her sleeves. At this point, choose which side you will attempt to sweep your opponent to, and release that sleeve grip. Instead, change your grip to the opposite collar. This means that you have the sleeve and collar controlled on one side.

Step 2:

Now that you have your grips, break open your guard, and plant your far foot onto the mat. You will be pushing off this foot for the leverage of the sweep. Scoot your body out the same direction as your foot in a shrimping motion to create space.

Step 3:

At this point, transition your body from lying on your side to supporting your bodyweight on your elbow. Slide the knee of the planted foot across your opponent’s midsection so that your knee is almost all the way across his/her body.

Step 4:

The leg opposite of the planted leg will kick backwards under your opponent’s base while your other leg will kick the opposite direction across his/her body. This movement will resemble a scissoring motion and cause your opponent to fall from their knees to their back.

Step 5:

Time your movement so that you move to a mount at the same time that your opponent lands on his/her back. This will require you to use the momentum of the sweep to help pull you on top to achieve a dominant, mount position.

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