World Champion, Kayron Gracie, Demonstrating an Omoplata Submission

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Apr 22, 2013 4:18:00 PM

This Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructional video has Kayron Gracie showing an alternative method of finishing a submission from the first video’s arm bar position. This second submission is used when your opponent is able to pull his arm free of the arm bar, but leaves his/her other arm vulnerable for an omoplata submission. An omoplata is a submission that puts pressure on your opponent’s shoulder, causing them to tap out.

The gi featured in this video is the Gameness Limited Edition White XT, and is the same model that Kayron wears during his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions.

Step 1:

After completing the steps to set up the arm bar submission from guard (as shown in Video #1), your opponent is able to pull his arm free from the arm bar, removing it from danger. Once your opponent’s arm is pulled free, control his/her other arm by swimming your hand inside and tightly gripping their elbow. This controlled arm will be the target for the omoplata submission.

Step 2:

With your opponent’s arm tightly secured, perform a hip escape movement to put yourself at a greater angle to your opponent. Once you have the angle, slide your legs over the back of the shoulder of your opponent, and drive your legs heavily to the mat.

Step 3:

With your opponent’s posture lowered, reach up and grab their belt with your nearest hand. While reaching to grab the belt, make sure that you continue to control your opponent’s arm with your opposite hand to keep his/her in position for the omoplata.

Step 4:

Perform another hip escape movement to attain an even greater angle to your opponent. Once you achieve the desired angle, kick the heels of both of your legs down towards the mat, forcing your opponent to lower his/her posture even further. Use the momentum of kicking your heels down to sit up into your opponent. Move your near hand from controlling your opponent’s belt, and instead grip his/her back.

Step 5:

Curl both of your legs away from your opponent’s targeted arm to begin applying pressure onto his/her shoulder. Continue to apply pressure by raising your body while keeping your opponent flat against the mat in order to complete the submission.

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