Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Kayron Gracie, Teaches a Sit-Up Sweep from Guard

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May 21, 2013 3:32:00 PM

Kayron Gracie demonstrates a Sit-Up Sweep in this Gameness Instructional Video. This sweep can transition your position from the bottom of guard to the mount position, where you have many more opportunities to submit your opponent.

The gi that Kayron is wearing in this video is his white Gameness Limited Edition XT Gi. This gi is the same one that Kayron prefers to wear during his professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions.

Step 1:

With your opponent in your full guard and feet locked, secure a cross-grip on his/her gi collar with your knuckles inside the gi. This grip should be high enough around your opponent’s neck to be able to lower his/her posture into you.

Step 2:

When your opponent feels their posture being broken down, their immediate reaction will usually be to pull back against the pressure and regain a strong, tall posture. When you feel him/her doing this, break open your guard and put your free arm’s elbow onto the mat.

Step 3:

Sit-up into your opponent all the way to where your arm is supporting your weight and your chest is close to your opponent’s chest. After you raise your bodyweight, raise the elbow of the arm securing your opponent’s gi collar into the air until it is pointing directly at the ceiling.

Step 4:

Release your opponent’s collar, and wrap up his/her arm instead. Your body should be perpendicular to your opponent’s body. Once you have yourself in this position, complete the sweep pushing off the mat with your feet and hipping into your opponent.

Step 5:

This movement will bring him/her onto their back with you in a full-mount position. Maintain a good posture in this position with your back straight, and begin to look for a submission from your new, more advantageous position.

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