Kayron Gracie Works a Kimura Submission on his Training Partner

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Jun 11, 2013 2:57:00 PM

Kayron Gracie is back working with Gameness Sports in this latest Gameness Instructional Video. Kayron is working a Kimura shoulder submission on his training partner in this video, and walking us through the technique as he does.

Wearing his favorite gi, you will see Kayron in his white Gameness Limited Edition XT Gi, and his training partner is wearing a blue Gameness Pearl Gi.

Step 1:

With your opponent in your closed guard, the opportunity for a Kimura occurs any time your opponent places his/her hand onto the mat or ground. Most experienced grapplers will keep their hands on your chest to avoid this, but while on your back, you can push or pull your opponent to force them to move into position.

Step 2:

An alternative method of getting your opponent and yourself into position is to post your arm onto the mat and hip up into your opponent. This will make him/her post onto the mat to avoid a sweep, opening him/her up for the Kimura.

Step 3:

As you have one arm posted onto the mat and while you are hipping into your opponent, wrap your opposite arm around your opponent’s arm. Attempt to get as high and as close to your opponent’s shoulder as possible.

Step 4:

While maintaining control of your opponent’s arm, fall back onto your back. Your opponent will be pulled on top of you. At this time, take your other hand off the mat and use it to grasp your opponent’s wrist. Secure your own wrist with the hand wrapped around your opponent’s shoulder.

Step 5:

Lock your guard again and bring your arms close to your body to ensure your opponent cannot straighten his/her arm and escape the submission. Hip out from under your opponent until you are more on your side than on your back. This will create a good angle and allow you to raise your opponent’s arm behind his/her back, completing the Kimura submission.

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