Mario Sperry Demonstrates a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Takedown

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May 28, 2013 12:47:00 PM

Mario Sperry, BJJ trainer for many top pro MMA fighters, is back with another Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique breakdown in this Gameness instructional video. Mario shows a new takedown for when your opponent draws back to defend a trip. Mario demonstrates how to use this movement to set up an opening to grab your opponent’s leg and bring him/her down to the mat.

The gi that Mario is wearing in this demonstration is a white Gameness Limited Edition XT gi, and his training partner is wearing a blue Gameness AIR gi.

Step 1:

You will begin this technique after your opponent has gripped your gi lapel, and you have cleared his/her grip by controlling their gi sleeve and pulling it away from your lapel and across your body. This will put your opponent’s body at an angle to your own.

Step 2:

You should now be in a position and at an angle to remove your near grip from your opponent’s sleeve opening and change your grip to his/her back to control the belt. After achieving this grip, your opponent may begin to defend a trip by lowering his/her center of gravity and widening his/her leg base.

Step 3:

While your opponent may be able to defend one of their legs by widening their stance, he/she will have to leave the other leg behind within reach due to the angle that you have created by grabbing onto your opponent’s belt. Reach down with your far arm to secure the bottom of your opponent’s gi pants and raise it while pushing forward to bring him/her off balance.

Step 4:

As you push forward, your opponent will have all of his/her weight on their back leg. Step around their back leg while continuing to move forward in order to trip your opponent, having them land on their back. Maintain your grip on your opponent’s pant leg to block the foot and allow for a set up to pass his/her guard.

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