Mario Sperry Instructs a Unique Choke from Half Guard

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Jun 17, 2013 5:31:00 PM

There are many situations where you find yourself trapped in an opponent’s half guard, and Mario Sperry addresses this potential problem by demonstrating a technique to finish your opponent with a choke without having to pass his/her half guard!

Mario is wearing his favorite Gameness gi in this video: his Gameness Limited Edition XT. His training partner is wearing the blue Gameness AIR gi.

Step 1:

As you attempt a pass from guard to side control, many times your opponent will trap one of your legs to hold you in half guard. There are several submissions and sweeps that your opponent can attempt from this position, so it can be a dangerous place to stay. The first step when being put into half-guard is to grasp the inside collar of your opponent’s gi with your far hand.

Step 2:

Your opponent may still try to move into you at this point and reach for your free leg. You can use the arm controlling his/her collar as a cross-face to prevent letting them get you into a deep half-guard. With your free leg, begin moving up and around your opponent to create an angle with your knee close to your opponent’s head.

Step 3:

Now that you have a greater angle on your opponent, straighten your trapped leg, allowing him/her to lock up a tighter guard around it. Many times, they will also turn towards you and not stay flat on their back. Use this to your advantage and reach over his/her body with your free arm and grab their belt.

Step 4:

To finish the choke, slowly lower your body down onto your opponent’s neck and shift your weight onto your hip. This will cause a blood choke from the pressure of your opponent’s gi lapel and your own bodyweight. This submission will allow you to attack your opponent without having to break free from his/her half guard.

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