Stephen Hall’s BJJ Gi Cross-Choke from Mount

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Oct 15, 2013 5:37:00 PM

Stephen “Pesadelo” Hall has been a long time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor, coach, and tournament referee. He’s won numerous competitions the Black Belt World Championships, so when he demonstrates a technique that he has found effective, it’s always a pleasure to watch as he instructs it.

Steve is wearing his Gameness Feather gi as he teaches this cross-choke from mount, and his partner is wearing a Gameness AIR gi.

Step 1:


This technique begins with you in the mount position on your opponent. The key is to keep pressure on him/her without allowing your bodyweight to be controlled by your opponent’s movements. If you place too much of your weight down, as your opponent bucks, you will be susceptible to a sweep. You can do this by pinching your knees tight around his/her midsection and trying to get your feet under his/her hips to remove power.

Step 2:


When you get the opportunity, slide the blade of your arm under your opponent’s head. Drive your cross-face across until your opponent’s head is at an angle. This will prevent your opponent from turning into you as you attempt the choke. You then drive your body weight up and across to put more pressure against your opponent’s neck while also sliding your opposite arm as a post out away from your body.

Step 3:


Now move your post arm into towards your body and across your opponent’s neck to grab onto his/her far lapel. This will be the same grip as if you were attempting a basic cross-collar choke from guard. Use your arm as a lever in this position to drop your weight into your elbow to apply pressure upwards. This method works better than just curling your opponent because a stronger opponent will not be able to defend as easily.

Step 4:


Now reach across your opponent with your free arm and drag it closely across his/her body. Use your elbow as it passes your opponent’s chin to turn his/her head until you can grip the opposite side of your opponent’s collar. Lower your head to the mats to complete the choke.


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