Stephen Hall Is Back To Teach His Favorite Sweep

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Sep 23, 2013 2:29:00 PM

The Duck-Under sweep instructed in this Free Gameness Instructional Video is the favorite of Stephen “Pesadelo” Hall, and a great way to transition from your back, to a dominant position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Stephen is wearing his Gameness Feather gi in this video demonstration, and his partner is wearing a blue Gameness AIR gi.

Step 1: 

This technique starts in the De La Riva Guard with one foot in your opponent’s hip and the other wrapped around his/her other leg. Grip your opponent’s heal, and control his/her lapel to keep them from posturing up and attempting to pass your guard.

Step 2:

Remove your hands from your opponent’s ankle and lapel, and instead grab his/her sleeve to strip the grip. Once you’ve cleared the grip, go back to controlling your opponent’s ankle with your outside hand.

Step 3:

With both of your grips secure, kick your outside leg as high as you can, lower it to the ground to help carry your weight up and into your opponent’s leg. As your hugging around your opponent’s leg, swap the hands controlling the sleeve to your opposite hand and sit far forward.

Step 4:

With your newly freed hand, grip the cloth around your opponent’s back knee and move your head under his/her bodyweight. Continue moving under your opponent until he/she is pulled over the top of you and rolls onto his/her back.

Step 5:

Maintain your grips as you turn into your opponent. Now that you are in a secure position, pin his/her leg to the ground to avoid being brought into a half/full guard, and release the grips. Cross-face your opponent and move your arms into a good, tight side-control position to either hold for points or attack for a submission.

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