Caio Terra Shows a New Variation to an Armbar

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May 14, 2013 12:42:00 PM

Caio Terra is wearing a white Gameness Elite Gi in this instructional video, and is demonstrating an armbar variation on his training partner.

Caio’s training partner in this video is wearing a white Gameness Limited Edition XT Gi.

Step 1:

 Many times, when you attempt a basic armbar submission from your guard, your opponent will defend the submission. They will do this by clasping his/her hands together and stacking you up to relieve pressure off the arm and escape the submission. When your opponent attempts this defense, maintain control of his/her arm.

Step 2:

With your opponent’s arm controlled, replace your hand grabbing his/her arm with your opposite hand. Do this by swimming your hand over the other, and across your opponent’s wrist. You can flair your elbow up to help ensure that you are controlling your opponent’s arm in the correct position.

Step 3:

Having controlled your opponent's arm, use your newly freed hand to reach under your opponent and push the back of your hand against his/her ankle. Rotate your head to face the same direction that your palm is facing.

Step 4:

Using your hand against your opponent’s leg as leverage, spin your body under your opponent until your head is placed near his/her knee. Once you are near the knee, use your free hand to push against the leg to free your opponent’s arm and set it up for attack.

Step 5:

The pressure you are placing on your opponent’s wrist will make it easy to pull his/her arm free from under their body. You will easily be able to straighten your back and pull the arm free and complete the armbar submission from this new position, effectively shutting down your opponent’s initial defense.

Step 6:

If you have difficulty finishing the submission, ensure that your legs remain in the initial position around the front of your opponent’s body and head. If you still cannot achieve the tap, you can pull on your opponent’s leg until you are on the bottom of a modified North South position.

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