How to Improve Metamoris - Part 1

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Oct 9, 2014 2:07:00 PM


How to Improve Metamoris – Part 1


After every Metamoris event, the intentions and future plans of the promotion become clearer. They are now implementing weight classes and champion titles, as well as fun “surprise” matches to keep the fans engaged. But is this really enough to earn them their desired level of success? Below are just a few points that may help them reach their goals.

Add more gi matches

It’s understandable that the majority of matches were no-gi. Due to the popularity of the UFC, and that most of the brand-name fighters prefer no-gi, it’s not a surprise at all. Gi matches are a lot more foreign to many viewers, and by having no-gi matches, there is the possibility of pulling in a larger audience, since both jiu-jitsu purists and MMA fighters can appreciate no-gi.

However, there is something to be said about securing the gi-fanatic market, which can be a lot more loyal than the MMA crowd when it comes to grappling. Gi jiu-jitsu fans don’t see many “dream” match-ups. The only major occasions are the World Championships and the ADCC World Pro. Those events happen once a year, so gi jiu-jitsu guys definitely want more. Putting together intense single gi matches would definitely help attract a more loyal and enthusiastic viewers who are willing to pay the price for the online stream.

Copa Podio could fill that void of watching dream gi matches, however, Copa Podio’s format is tournament based, so as fun as it is to watch the top athletes have multiple matches - it’s generally more appealing to see several super fights in one night where the athletes can go one-hundred percent the entire match, rather than pacing themselves for the entire night.

This would also raise the submission rate and pace of the match. The entertainment factor is of the utmost importance for a promotion like Metamoris, even before technique. A less technical, but exciting match, will stick longer in people’s memories than a match that was technical but slow and boring.

Gi jiu-jitsu also offers a larger variety of things to spectate. In no-gi, the norm is playing a tight game and the top athletes do this so well that usually the pace of the fight can be very slow. However, with gi jiu-jitsu, since there are so many more options, it allows for athletes to compete in a more open and free style. You would see stranger guards and entertaining manipulation of the kimono – it would ultimately be more entertaining. This would also lead to a variety of more interesting submissions. Some of the best submissions are the ones you have to see replayed several times in order to understand what had transpired.

So to conclude, having more gi matches in Metamoris would; attract a more loyal crowd of viewers and create more entertaining and diverse matches. I’m not saying all the matches should be gi, but at least half. Matches can even alternate in type, the first match could be no-gi and the following match could be gi. It can continue this way throughout the night. That way fans don’t have to watch no-gi match after no-gi match of what will most likely be slow grinding matches.



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