Kayron Gracie Teaches a Submission Sequence ending in a Triangle Choke

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Aug 13, 2013 11:39:00 AM

In this latest installment of the Free Gameness Instructional Videos, Kayron Gracie continues his attack sequence from the arm bar, to the omoplata, and then finally to the triangle. This attack sequence will give you three options for attack from the guard position so that you can fall back to an alternative submission in case your opponent defends. Kayron is wearing his white Gameness XT gi in this instructional video.

Step 1: 

From a guard position, this submission begins where the earlier, omoplata video ends. This means that if you were to attempt an arm bar from guard, and then transition to an omoplata attempt, this would be your starting position for this attack.

Step 2:

If you opponent were to defend the omoplata shoulder lock and use his/her strength to posture up, you can use this to reach under your leg with your far arm, and grab a strong hold onto your opponent’s collar.

Step 3:

As your opponent postures up further, you can let him/her continue without resisting. His will bait your opponent on top of you where you can throw your leg over his/her shoulder and lock your feet.

Step 4:

From here, you pull your opponent’s trapped arm across your belly so that it is on the opposite side as it started. Once you have the arm in position, bring your opponent’s head down close to your stomach to break his/her posture.

Step 5:

With your opponent’s head held down, reach up and grab your own shin. At this point, you can break open your feet to place one foot on your opponent’s hip, create an angle, and lock a figure four with your legs.

Step 6:

To complete the submission, close your knees together as tight as you can, hip up into your opponent and pull his/her head down into your belly. This will create a triangle with your legs, and force your opponent to submit.

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