Metamoris 4 Aftermath

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Aug 12, 2014 10:04:31 AM


Garry Tonon vs Kit Dale

The match between Garry and Kit was short and one-sided. Garry was able to scramble to a guillotine early and stopped Kit from showcasing any of his skills. Garry then went on to openly challenge Kron Gracie, someone he had faced before in an Abu-Dhabi match. Either way, these are still two young athletes you want to keep your eyes out for in the future, especially Tonon.


Saulo Ribeiro vs Rodrigo Medeiros

This was the only gi match of the night, which, even though a great match up, was a disappointment to many gi jiu-jitsu fanatics. So we all had to savor this one great moment. Both legends showcased great takedowns as well as nice reversals and scrambles. In the end, the match ended in a draw, but it was a pleasure to watch grapplers of such level go at it.


Keenan Cornelius vs Vinnie Magalhaes

Keenan Cornelius is easily one of today’s top BJJ athletes. He has been able to compete with all the top Brazilians and is really putting the United States on the BJJ map after figures like BJ Penn and Rafael Lovato. Vinnie Magalhaes started his career in BJJ but now focuses more on MMA, having fought in the UFC.


The match was entertaining with Vinnie trying to pass Keenan’s unbelievably frustrating guard. There were some sweeps exchanged and at the end, Keenan almost caught Vinnie in a triangle from mount, but Vinnie was able to find some space to escape.


Baret Yoshida vs Jeff Glover

The surprise match of the evening – no one knew who would be announced until right before the actual match. Baret Yoshida was announced first - he is one of the earlier lightweight stars from the ADCC. Jeff Glover was a more predictable choice since he was one of the commentators, but also a competitive grappler. The match itself was twenty minutes of rolling and tying up. Glover showboated a bit in the beginning but the match kept the same flow the entire time. It ended in a draw and wasn’t particularly exciting unfortunately.


Josh Barnett vs Dean Lister

Since it seems that Metamoris is on it’s path to creating a long-term grappling promotion, it only made sense to start building up champions. For this match, the heavyweight title was on the line between two veterans that really deserved a shot. In the end, the size advantage of Barnett was too much for Lister, and after wearing out his opponent, Barnett made Lister tap with only eleven seconds left on the clock. Barnett used an old wrestling technique to crush Lister’s ribs. Since Lister was fatigued, he had no choice but to tap from the pressure.


Andre Galvao vs Chael Sonnen

Although this was the main event of the evening, it is hard to deny that it’s value rested on the fact that it was a name-based match. People tried to defend Chael Sonnen’s grappling abilities, but the truth is, outside of wrestling, he is nowhere near the level of Andre Galvao. This match was, in every way, a total mismatch. But perhaps that’s the way Metamoris wanted it – everyone likes to see Chael Sonnen get beat up. Ultimately, Andre Galvao won by submission via the classic rear naked choke. Sonnen was able to resist for a little in the beginning of the match, but Galvao’s win was inevitable. 

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