Metamoris 5 Preview: Part 1

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Nov 13, 2014 12:40:29 PM



Gary Tonon vs Zak Maxwell 

Here we have a strong all-American match. Gary Tonon had a stellar performance in the last Metamoris against, the always funny and amusing, Kit Dale. Tonon made quick work of Dale by finishing him with a guillotine after a strong attempt at a heal hook. 

Zak Maxwell is another American jiu-jitsu hero with his popularity stemming from a victory over Kron Gracie in 2012 - a completely unexpected upset. Zak also already had a match in Metamoris against Sean Roberts that ended in a tie, but Zak had the upper hand especially because of a strong armbar attempt closer to the end of the match. 

Who is going to win? This is a really tough match to call – both these competitors are very focused and highly technical. Expect the match to end in a draw with Gary Tonon having the slight edge since he will be more confident off his last Metamoris victory.


Vinny Magalhaes vs Kevin Casey

Here we have a bout between two UFC centric jiu-jitsu fighters. Both these athletes have an interesting lead-up to this match because both had been on TUF, The Ultimate Fighter, and have fought Keenan Cornelius. Keenan had submitted Casey and had tied with Magalhaes, however, he did have the upper hand most of the match. It’s as if this match is closing the triangle between these three athletes in no-gi in Metamoris. 

Who will win? Although Kevin Casey is a very gifted athlete with a lot of grappling experience, it is hard to compare that to the pedigree of Magalhaes who is a highly decorated BJJ champion. Expect Vinny to win within the first five minutes by submission.


Yuri Simoes vs Keenan Cornelius 

This is definitely one of the more interesting match ups. Yuri Simoes is on fire right now with his double victory at the World No-Gi Championship in his weight division and the absolute. He succeeded in defeating Keenan Cornelius in the finals. But, it seems by fate, they will face each other again.

Simoes was originally supposed to fight Rafael Lovato Jr. However, due to injury, Lovato had to pull out of the match. Keenan agreed to step in and take advantage of this opportunity for revenge. 

Fortunately for Keenan, this match will be in the gi, which is a relief for him since he has repeatedly admitted that he doesn’t particularly like competing in no-gi. It will be a slight disadvantage for Yuri because his recent victory over Keenan was in no-gi. This match will have a completely different pace than their previous meeting at the no-gi worlds. 

Expect and all out war. Yuri is very high energy and will push the action. Neither opponent is easy to submit, so it will most likely end in a tie, but a very entertaining match nonetheless.


Rory MacDonald vs JT Torres 

This is an interesting match because we have an ‘outsider’ coming in to fight a household name in BJJ like JT Torres. Rory is can be considered an outsider because he is known for his skills in MMA. His capabilities in pure grappling are unknown at the moment and he does have a considerable size advantage on Torres. So the question is whether or not Torres’ experience will be enough to cope with McDonald’s strength and athleticism. I think that this match will end in a draw with Rory defending Torres’ attacks. Torres definitely has the technical advantage, so expect attempt after attempt from him.



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