Aftermath: IBJJF No-Gi World Championship

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Nov 10, 2016 1:59:06 PM

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Just like every other year, the jiu-jitsu season closes with the IBJJF No-Gi World Championship before the holidays. The no-gi scene is always interesting to follow because usually the roster of competitors is different from gi. For one, athletes like Rafael Mendes and Buchecha usually don’t make an appearance. This being said, there are many top athletes that do compete in both, but the results are not always consistent. Let’s take a quick look at what happened at the black belt male adult division this year.

BLACK / Adult / Male / Rooster

What more can be said about Caio Terra in this division? He is the king of the castle with his now, 9th straight title since 2008! Although it would be nice to see him compete more in gi and no-gi invitational events, Caio is pound-for-pound one of the best no-gi grapplers on the planet.

BLACK / Adult / Male / Light Feather

Last year, Joao Miyao was the king of this division and I’m sure he was expecting to continue the streak, however, he ran into the worst guy he possibly could, someone who had defeated him three times already in 2016 prior to the no-gi worlds, young 21-year old phenom, Michael Musumeci. Expect to see Musumeci stay on top of this division in both gi and no-gi in the years to come.

BLACK / Adult / Male / Feather

This year a vacancy for the gold medal was left in this division with the absence of Tanquinho. So, as naturally one would predict, the silver medalist from 2015, Osvaldo Moizinho, was able to bump his ranking to first place and become the 2016 no-gi world champion. Additionally, his teammate, Samir Chantre took second.

BLACK / Adult / Male / Light

Here we have all new names with the championship crown shifting from Alliance to Nova Uniao. In 2015, veteran Michael Langhi made an outstanding return and won the gold. Now, in 2016, Marcio Andre overcame Rodrigo Freitas in the finals. It can easily be said that this is Andre’s best year yet with victories, especially since he also won the Abu Dhabi World Pro.

BLACK / Adult / Male / Middle

Once again we have a big change in names with a totally new podium standing. In 2015 the podium was full with competitors from Lloyd Irvin, Alliance, Gracie Barra and Checkmat – a huge variety. However this year, silver and bronze medals all went to Alliance with only the gold medal going to Marcelo Mafra of Checkmat.

BLACK / Adult / Male / Medium Heavy – Ultra Heavy

Yuri Simoes, who was able to take double gold for both the Ultra heavyweight and open class, was the standout star of the upper weight divisions. However, these results are no surprise since his win in 2015 at the ADCC. The training he went through in preparation for this tournament launched his skills to the next level. Expect to see him dominate the division for the time being.






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