Preview: IBJJF European Open, Black Belt Adult Male

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Jan 21, 2016 1:30:00 PM


Roosterweight Division:

Here we have a great combination of international players ranging from Europe to Japan to Brazil. The athlete to make the most note of here is Caio Terra. The multiple time world champion will try for another win; the third European championship for the Rio de Janeiro native.


Light Feather Division:

It’s safe to say that this division is more stacked than the rooster. We only have a few Europeans competing here, with most of the competitors hailing from Brazil. The athlete to note here is Joao Miyao, who is the 2014 European Champion. Expect the Berimbolo master to inch out all his fights by points, which is his usual manner of victory.


Featherweight Division:

Here we have a similarly stacked division as the light featherweight division. However, the title can go to either one of two standout athletes: Paulo Miyao and Marcio Andre. Both competitors are very young and have been competing against each other since blue belt. Like his smaller twin brother, Paulo Miyao favors berimbolo attacks and inching wins by points.

Marcio Andre has been used to defending aggressive berimbolos for quite some time now. These two are most likely to meet in the finals and it can really go either way.


Lightweight Division:

Interestingly enough, this division is usually quite full at other IBJJF grand slam tournaments. This year, it seems that none of the world or pan am champions are present, such as Lucas Lepri or JT Torres. So we have a blend of new athletes and other athletes that don’t compete as often as the top-level guys. The one name I would keep an eye on would be Edwin Najmi who trains non-stop and has some of the best teachers in the world. He has done exceptionally well in the other belt levels and recently competed in Copa Podio. He will surely utilize his experience there at the Europeans - he is the x-factor in this tournament.


Middleweight + Medium Heavy:

In the middleweight division, we see a lot more names from the European community. It will be interesting to see which of these new name will dominate in that weight class.

In the medium heavyweight division, we have Romulo Barral in the mix amongst some lesser known names in the sport.



This will be one of the more exciting divisions to watch for sure. Why? Because it has Jackson Sousa and Helvecio Penna. Who is Helvecio Penna? He is only the guy that’s 55 years old and still loves to compete in the adult division. He may not win often, but he hangs in there and does what most men his age either dream of doing or are too afraid to do. That being said, expect Jackson Sousa to take the win.


Super heavyweight + Ultra Heavyweight:

We have a bunch of new names in the mix in these classes. For the super heavyweight division, expect Erberth Santos to stand out. He is one of the top leaders in the IBJJF point system, 5th place to be exact. He is still new in the black belt division, but is already making waves.






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